Currently, OpenDaylight is probably the largest network project in the world and it is continuously evolving. There is a large open source community working on ODL, consisting of 48 companies under the supervision of the Linux Foundation. Among the creators, we can find global players such as Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Dell, HP, Red Hat, Microsoft, and many others. Pantheon has a large share in the whole project: in fact, following ODL’s second version, we were the second largest contributor.

In the SDN/ODL/NFV field, we provide our customers with following services:

  • Development and consultancy in SDN and ODL in particular
  • Customized development and testing of applications built using the ODL platform

A new version of ODL is to be developed every six months.

The second version was called Helium, the third Lithium, followed by Beryllium, and so on. Throughout the whole periodic table.

We have been designing and coding the ODL controller for several years now and contribute to the project very actively.