Bluefield Storage

With Bluefield Storage, you can easily store and share business data. They will be available to you anytime and anywhere via Nextcloud. Storage capacity adapts to your current needs. You do not have to wait for delivery or installation of the repository. Quickly and easily save documents or media files via Nextcloud Bluefield in a secure location in our top-of-the-line data center.


Storage with scalable capacity from several tens of GB to hundreds of TBs

Continuous operation with access to cross-platform data

Storage that protects data investments, potential losses due to local storage failures, attacks, or natural disasters

Cost effective storage with regular monthly remuneration (OPEX)

Zero investment in purchasing HW, SW, licenses, and any updates

Ability to meet data protection and security requirements

Service operation in premium Bluefield data center

All cloud services as well as the data center where the virtualization platform is located have ISO 27001 (2013) and ISO 9001 (2015) certification


You get access to storage for file sharing, backup and data archiving. Network Storage is the ideal addition to the service – Virtual Datacenter, or a standalone service that extends your corporate IT environment.

File Server - Network Storage can be shared among many users. You will appreciate this solution if your needs are high on storage (audio / video recordings - such as call centers, security systems, etc.).

Share documents, pictures, and multimedia files

Temporarily save log files or applications

Remote Data Sharing - allows data exchange between your offices via B VPN.

Archive and backup - you can upload data to the repository from Bluefield Nextcloud or even through your preferred interface